Company Dynamic

Government leadership and Guidance

      March 20.2015,The leader of our city come to our company to carry out the special work of ceramic manufacturers Electronic Commerce.Our General manager Mr.Deng do the reported of our six years development of Tanglong,At the same time,Also on 2015's goal and plan to do a detailed description.

    Deputy Mayor,Liu wenhua praise the direction of development and the achievements we have made,He said is the first time in Jingdezhen to see a business e-commerce has such a good platform,Clear enterprise development goals let he see the good prospects for the development of ceramic manufacturers.

    As the frist ceramc manufacturers in electronic commerce,Tanglong ceramics company is the frist company have five alibaba platform at the same time in jingdezhen,Is a member of a number of well-known B2B platform.

    We believe that this year is our lucky year,In our efforts and insist,the lucky will be with us forever,